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Getting started

The Reflow User interface

Player Mode

This is the main screen you will see when you open or create a document.

The document here is presented in Player Mode, which means you can't make any modifications to it. This is a simplified presentation of the app to let you focus on playing your scores.

Reflow UI

If you want to edit the file, simply tap the Edit button.

Edit Mode

When you enter this mode, you will see a keyboard showing up at the bottom of your screen.

Most of the operations you can do are available there.

Reflow UI

When you're done with your modifications, simply press Done on the top right corner of your screen. Changes are saved automatically and if you're using a cloud storage for your document, it will be synchronized automatically.

Share documents

You can share documents by pressing the corresponding button.

It works in both Player and Edit mode.

First you have to select in which format you want to share your document, then sharing options will be presented to you.

Reflow UI