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You can change the tempo at any time by adding a tempo marker.

To create a tempo marker, tap on this button from the keyboard. Tempo Marker

To delete a tempo marker, click on the marker directly on the score to select then press the Delete key.

This will open the tempo marker dialog.

In this dialog, you can :

  • Set a tempo value
  • Use a quarter dotted note as tempo unit
  • Modify the Swing Feel

Tempo Marker


In Reflow, you an group beats in tuplets or other irrational beat groupings.

To create a triplet, select the beats you want to group, then use the -3- button in the palette. (Or any other tuplet button)

Create a triplet


The iOS Version does not support custom beaming at the moment, but this is on the short roadmap of Reflow.

Tweak beaming slope

The slope of any beaming group can be customized if you don't like the default slope generated by Reflow.

Click on the Beaming to select it on the score, and you should see one handle on the left side, and another one on the right side of the beam.

The left handle will control the height of the beam.

The right handle will control the slope.

Tweak beaming

Swing feel

To add some groove to your songs, you can add a swing feel (or triplet feel, or shuffle) to eighths or sixteenth notes.

This is available in the same place as the time signature.