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To edit properties of a specific measure, tap on the button Measures with your cursor on the measure you want to edit.

This will bring up the Measure Properties dialog.


Time signature

To modify the time signature, tap on the Time Signature row from the Measure properties dialog.

Key signature

To modify the key signature, tap on the Key Signature row from the Measure properties dialog.


To modify the Clef, tap on the Clef row from the Measure properties dialog.



You can add these rehearsal markers to define sections in your score.

To create or modify a rehearsal marker, tap on the Rehearsal Sign row of the measure properties.

To delete a marker, click on it to select and hit your Delete key.

Repeat barlines

Many repeat options are available for your measures in the Measure Properties dialog.


In this dialog you can set start and end repeat barlines, as well as the repeat count.

You can also set alternate endings for your song. Also known as Volta brackets.

Musical directions such as Coda, Segno and Fine are available in this dialog too.

Manipulate measures


Using these four buttons of the keyboard, available with the Alt key pressed, you can Add, Insert, Duplicate or Remove a complete measure.

This also works with an extended measure range selection.


Simile markers allow you to repeat an entire measure without having to write it. It is even not displayed for better readability.

Add or remove a simile by toggling this button in the alternate keyboard. Measures


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