Music Notation App for iOS and OS X

Want to compose or practice a song ? Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, drummer or pianist, Reflow will assist you in your daily work! Thought for Mac and iOS from the very beginning, Reflow allows you to create your own scores the quick and easy way! And it integrates very well with your favourite devices using iCloud and the latest Mac OS X features such as Autosave, Versions and Fullscreen.



Reflow is a 100% Native App that works seemlessly on both Mac and iPhone/iPad. It tries to integrate the best with the latest technologies of our beloved platform

With its iCloud support, all your songs are always in sync, no need to manually upload them on your devices.

Reflow on iOS is not just a Player or a companion App, It is a full featured notation editor.

Rich Music Notation Elements

  • Legato Slurs
  • Transposing Instruments
  • Cross staff chords and beaming
  • Multiline Lyrics
  • Grand Staff
  • Up to 4 Voices/Layers
  • MusicXML Import and Export
  • and much more ...

Audio Playback

Hear your compositions in realtime, with the bundled Full General Midi compatible instrument collection.

The workflow is intelligent enough to let you modify your song while it is played back, for a smooth and non interruptive experience that we believe is crucial for composers.

For songwriters and composers looking to write for a typical band, Reflow has all the tools you'll need. But where Reflow stands above the rest is in its creative process and workflow.