Music Notation for the rest of us


Want to compose or practice a song ? Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, drummer or pianist, Reflow will assist you in your daily work! Thought for Mac and iOS from the very beginning, Reflow allows you to create your own scores the quick and easy way! And it integrates very well with your favourite devices using iCloud and the latest Mac OS X features such as Autosave, Versions and Fullscreen.

I have to say the app packs a punch for musicians and students of music. Reflow's notation software has a lot of great drag-and-drop functionality for quickly building compositions, and takes away some drudgery from the process.

Before going further Reflow Score Writer is a Killer App! Really well done and so easy to use! Sorry i couldn't wait to say it!

For songwriters and composers looking to write for a typical band, Reflow has all the tools you'll need. But where Reflow stands above the rest is in its creative process and workflow.



What can Reflow do for me ?

  • iCloud support

    Work on your compositions at home, and they're already in your pocket when you practice with your band. All your songs are always in sync, no need to manually upload them on your iDevices.

  • Mac and iOS friendly

    Reflow is a 100% Native App that works seemlessly on both Mac and iPhone/iPad. It tries to integrate the best with the latest technologies of our beloved platform, and as far as we know there's no other notation app that achieves that.

  • Guitar Pro and Powertab

    If you want to learn an existing song, Reflow knows how to read Guitar Pro and PowerTab files. There is a huge collection of these files available on the Internet, giving you access to nearly any song you want.

  • Multitrack

    You can use multiple instruments in your song, even on the iPhone version of Reflow. Add guitars, bass, drums, and virtually any instrument as long as it uses a standard notation staff.

  • Continuous Workflow

    No need to stop playback to modify your song, you can simply edit it while the audio engine is working. We believe it will have many benefits on the way you use notation software to compose!

  • Exports

    Export your song to Guitar Pro, PDF, Wave or MIDI file to bring your work back to other apps. You can also share your creations by mail with the mobile version.

  • Flexible Song Structure

    Build your songs using several small chunks of music, and then use Drag and Drop gestures to reorganize them in a full length song.

  • Chord Diagrams

    Guitarists can add chord diagrams to their compositions using some simple Drag and Drop gestures. Use the bundled chord diagram database or build your own ones.

  • Lightweight Audio Engine

    No need to download tons of gigabytes of sounds to start playing around, Reflow comes packed with a light SoundFont that gives good results considering the size and speed tradeoff.

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